Percheron draft cross gelding, ½ Thoroughbred, ½ Percheron gelding—sport horse, trail horse, hunter-jumper--heck, even a jousting horse! $7,500

Where do we begin here? Okay, you all want a horse that’s between seven and nine years old. You want a good-looking horse. You want a gentle horse that’s easy to handle, but has a lot of heart and stamina. You like big horses, or you’re a large person yourself, and you need a big horse to carry you.
2002 1/2 Percheron, 1/2 Thoroughbred gelding. 16.1 hands, 1,400 pounds

You want a horse that’s well broke and responds to a light cue, and has a lot of experience in the mountains as a trail horse or hunting horse. You want a horse that you might be able to train as a hunter-jumper horse, or heck, you’ve even thought about entering jousting tournaments! You might even want a horse to use for film productions and video shoots, a horse that has a spectacular look and a grand presence.

Here he is.

His name is Sherman, and for only $7,500, you can own him.

Sherman has an incredible amount of backcountry experience, doing the job as one of our main outfitting horses for two years. He’s been on many week-long elk hunts, four-day pack trips, blue grouse hunts, and hundreds of trail rides. He’s carried little kids and 300-pound elk hunters, and he’s done it “with bells on”. As Captain McCrae said of his loyal soldier Deets in “Lonesome Dove”, “He never shirked a task.” Sherman has crested the high passes at 12,000 feet and stood quiet while guns were going off. He has packed bloody elk quarters and antlers off the mountain, and he’s stood tied to a highline in a blizzard. You can walk right up to him in a 60-acre pasture and stroke his muzzle, and he’ll jump right in a horse trailer and go to town with you.

Super good-looking bay gelding with lots of mountain experienceYou can lope across a plain for miles and miles, and still have a horse under you that will go forever. For a draft horse cross, Sherman is surprisingly agile and light, and he is very well broke. He takes a light leg cue and a light neck rein, and then you’ll be going where you want to go.

Sherman has great size, at 16.1 hands and 1,400 pounds, but he’s not heavy and plodding like so many draft horse crosses. He’s got rather fine bones for a horse his size, taking a size 2 horseshoe, and he’s athletic and quick. He’s the ideal combination of size, strength, agility, ability, conformation, training, experience, and looks!

Sherman’s sale price: $7,500

Sport horse, trail horse, hunter/jumper candidate, heck, even a jousting horse! Super good-looking bay gelding with lots of mountain experience.

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Sherman Overview
Date Foaled: 2002
Registration number:
Breed: ½ Thoroughbred, ½ Percheron
Capabilities: trail horse, pleasure horse, jousting horse, sport horse, hunter/jumper. Super good-looking gelding with lots of mountain experience.
Color: bay
Height and weight: 16.1 hands, 1,400 pounds

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Sport horse, trail horse, hunter/jumper candidate

Percheron draft cross gelding