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Horse owners from all over Colorado bring us their animals to board for the winter. Steamboat Springs, Crested Butte, Aspen, and Telluride animals all make their winter homes with us

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Mountain trail horses and pleasure horses are the Grandview Ranch specialty with Missouri foxtrotters for sale, APHA paint horses for sale, Arabian horses for sale, and AQHA quarter horses for sale. Located in Crawford, Colorado, Grandview Ranch owners Doris and Gary Hubbell train and sell outstanding trail, pleasure, and performance horses.

Formerly the owners of OutWest Guides outfitting business in Marble, Colorado, Gary and Doris have ridden thousands of miles in some of the toughest country in the Rocky Mountains. They learned quite a bit about horses in eight years of outfitting and Gary’s 22 years of guiding elk hunters, high-country mule deer hunters, overnight pack trips, blue grouse hunts, and lots and lots of Colorado trail rides. For years, Gary and Doris were known as having “the nicest horses in the Colorado,” and guests came from far and wide to ride their outstanding Missouri foxtrotters, Arabians, quarter horses, paints, and draft cross horses. Guests knew that they weren’t riding some old sway-backed plug that would plod along and eat every few steps. They were sitting on good-looking, young, responsive horses that were fun to ride! After a horse had put in four or five years of hard work, Gary would sell the horse to a grateful buyer who knew that they were getting a solid, well-broke, responsive, willing mountain horse who would then enjoy the good life with an appreciate family.


Gary Hubbell

DorisonShaecowslores copy

Doris Hubbell

After selling their interests in OutWest Guides and moving to their 117-acre ranch in Crawford, Gary and Doris Hubbell are still very involved with horses. They keep six or eight personal horses and have another 10 or 12 horses for sale at any given time. “We like a variety of breeds of horses,” Gary says. “We love the Missouri foxtrotters for their gait, strength, and dispositions, and we like the Arabians for their intelligence, grace, and stamina. Quarter horses and paints are great for all-around trail riding and ranch work, and the draft cross horses have sweet, mellow dispositions and they’re great for bigger riders. We don’t discriminate!”

Gary’s career as a location scout, wrangler, and location manager for still photo shoots, television commercials, and motion pictures keeps him busy scouting locations and supplying just the right horses for photo shoots with Victoria’s Secret, Marlboro, Bushnell, Coors, Weaver rifle scopes, and Remington Arms Company, among others.

Doris puts a solid foundation of ground training on all the Grandview Ranch horses before she and Gary take the horses to the mountains for the second half of their education. Their goal is to provide the public with top-quality mountain horses, pleasure horses, and trail horses that will take great care of their riders. “Some trainers and horse brokers will sell you a horse that they’ve owned for a week or two and ridden twice,” Gary says. “They’re buying horses and doing a ‘quick flip’. I think that’s dangerous. We usually own our horses for at least a year or two before we offer them for sale. Some of our horses we’ve raised from foals. By that time, we can tell you everything there is to know about the horse.” Horse classifieds horses for sale online trail horses for sale Arabian horses Missouri foxtrotters quarter horses paint horses for sale Colorado

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Colorado Mountain Trail Horses for Sale

At Grandview Ranch in Crawford, Colorado, we prepare quality horses for a role in your life as companions, pleasure horses, trail horses, endurance horses, and family horses, and kid and youth horses. We sell Arabians, quarter horses, paints, Morgans, Missouri foxtrotters, draft cross horses, and solid grade horses.

We also offer winter horse boarding, consulting and purchasing decisions for buyers seeking a new horse, horsemanship and riding lessons, and quality horse hay for sale.


Gary and Doris Hubbell


37280 Grandview Mesa Road

Crawford, CO 81415

E -MAIL: swissdoris@tds.net
1 (970) 988 2335